Malcolm McLaren: Waterfront Innovator, Hero of the Harbor | Waterfront Alliance

Almost 40 years ago, visions of Jacques Cousteau swimming in his head, Malcolm McLaren went out on his first job as a diver-engineer and found himself inspecting a Hudson River sewer outfall. Today, Mal is the president and CEO of McLaren Engineering Group, a world-renowned firm that continues to provide innovative marine engineering along with many […]

The Artist

I’m Eve Mosher, artist, water geek, urban enthusiast and playworker in training. I am fascinated by our waterways, the space they inhabit the roles they play in our daily life and finding ways to create a greater engagement across disciplines and a greater awareness in the public narrative. I grew up in a flood zone, […]

Students Test the Waters Around Us and For Us | Waterfront Alliance

As the waterways of New York and New Jersey grow busier, more people are signing up to monitor the water, measure its health, and learn how water quality can be improved for all creatures who live, work, or play in or near the water. Many of these researchers are students. At the beginning of the 2015 […]