Malcolm McLaren: Waterfront Innovator, Hero of the Harbor | Waterfront Alliance

Almost 40 years ago, visions of Jacques Cousteau swimming in his head, Malcolm McLaren went out on his first job as a diver-engineer and found himself inspecting a Hudson River sewer outfall. Today, Mal is the president and CEO of McLaren Engineering Group, a world-renowned firm that continues to provide innovative marine engineering along with many […]

Students Test the Waters Around Us and For Us | Waterfront Alliance

As the waterways of New York and New Jersey grow busier, more people are signing up to monitor the water, measure its health, and learn how water quality can be improved for all creatures who live, work, or play in or near the water. Many of these researchers are students. At the beginning of the 2015 […]

We Design – Tricia Martin

Tricia Martin, Principal Tricia Martin, LEED AP, is an award-winning designer who enjoys working across public, non-profit, and private sectors to address challenged sites such as post-industrial waterfronts, greenways, green roofs, memorials, and vacant lots. Tricia is the immediate past president of the New York City Chapter of Landscape Architects.


“We summarize our mission as “LAB: Learning Adventure Boating. We provide canoeing and kayaking programs for ecological and social good.” Below is the full educational, ecological, and social mission as stated in our New York State nonprofit incorporation: To foster estuary and NYC watershed-themed ecological and natural science education, especially for underprivileged NYC youth and underrepresented […]

North Brooklyn Boat Club –

“The North Brooklyn Boat Club is dedicated to enabling and advocating for human-powered boating on the waterways bordering Greenpoint/Williamsburg Brooklyn. The organization enables local citizens to be effective stewards of the ecology, recreation and freedom that the waterways engender. The NBBC consists of local kayakers, canoers, sailors, environmentalists, boatbuilders, community leaders and activists. We are […]