Citizen Bridge – Nancy Nowacek

“Citizen Bridge is a temporary floating pedestrian bridge for passage between Brooklyn and Governors Island. Inspired by Walt Whitman’s report of farmers once walking their cows across Buttermilk Channel at low tide, the project aims to reconnect New Yorkers to their waterways, reclaim the waterfront step by step, helping New Yorkers gain agency over their bodies in […]

Sarah Cameron Sunde – 36.5, a durational performance with the sea

“New York based artist Sarah Cameron Sunde stands in the middle of a tidal bay as the water engulfs her and then recedes.  Inspired by the 10.5 foot tidal shift on the coast of Maine, contemporary daily routines, and the work of Knut Hamsun, Marina Abramović, and leading climate adaptation experts, this time-based project considers […]

Marie Lorenz, Tide and Current Taxi | Clocktower

Artist and waterways art veteran Marie Lorenz talks with hosts Nancy Nowacek and Jake Nussbaum from an undisclosed patio on a corner of Newtown Creek about getting lost, getting swamped, and what the Tide and Current Taxi—her 10 year project—means to her.CB Radio was inspired by the research, design, and development of Citizen Bridge, a […]

Satellietgroep – Nu/Now

  “Artists collective Satellietgroep (The Hague, 2006) explores through arts the social and ecological impact of the sea and coastal transitions on cities, people, communities and environments in The Netherlands and abroad. Our aim is to enhance public and professional awareness on coastal transitions. Satellietgroep hosts artists in residents for artistic fieldwork, connect with locals […]