“The Waterfront is the Optics for Everything in Our Society” | Waterfront Alliance

As city executive for New York City for the international engineering and design firm Arcadis, Peter Glus manages large-scale environmental projects, from implementing flood resiliency designs for subway stations, tunnels, bus depots, and public areas for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, to repairing and flood-proofing the Bay Park sewage treatment plant, and managing the $1.6 billion […]

Brooklyn Working Waterfront Stakeholders Gather to Discuss the Future | Waterfront Alliance

“This is going to be an incredible collaboration,” said deputy Brooklyn borough president Diana Reyna, addressing a roomful of maritime industry stakeholders on February 18. More than 50 people from a range of professions—marine transportation company owners, container terminal executives, government agency representatives, union leaders, educators, and many others—had gathered at Brooklyn Borough Hall for […]

Q&A with Willis Elkins of the Newtown Creek Alliance

The Newtown Creek Alliance (NCA) is dedicated to the restoration of life to Newtown Creek, the polluted waterway that forms the border between Brooklyn and Queens. In the 1800s, the shores of this 3.8-mile-long waterway were crowded with oil refineries, chemical plants, fertilizer and glue factories, sawmills, lumber and coal yards, sugar refineries, hide-tanning plants, […]

Urban waterfronts

The Nature of Cities “Urban water fronts have typically been sites of heavy development and often are sites of pollution or exclusive access. But they have enormous potential benefits. How can we unlock these benefits for everyone? Are there ecological vs. social vs. economic tradeoffs?” http://www.thenatureofcities.com/2015/01/06/urban-water-fronts-have-typically-been-sites-of-heavy-development-and-often-are-sites-of-pollution-or-exclusive-access-but-they-have-enormous-potential-benefits-how-can-we-unlock-these-benefits-for/

Urban Omnibus » Mitigate, Design, Restore: A Conversation on Hydrology and Habitat

Urban Omnibus “The recognition that we can build thriving cities and preserve crucial natural habitats is an ethos strongly advanced by Eric Rothstein, a hydrologist who has been instrumental in green infrastructure’s growing recognition, first as a City employee and now as principal of the seemingly ubiquitous water resource planning and habitat restoration firm eDesign Dynamics. And […]

The Architectural League of New York | The Five Thousand Pound Life: Water

The Five Thousand Pound Life: Water “The Five Thousand Pound Life: Water considers how the energy intensity of providing a clean and adequate water supply can be minimized, and how planning and design, including regional planning, urban design, landscape design, architecture, and engineering, can contribute to that goal.  Los Angeles, the Great Lakes, and New […]

Towards a More Resilient Relationship Between Cities and Water

“Fifty percent of Americans live in coastal cities now threatened by extreme storms brought on by climate change, said AIA NY President Tomas Rossant at a recent event at the Center for Architecture in New York City. Architects, landscape architects, urban designers, and engineers need to collaborate to save our coastal cities. ASLA NY Chapter […]

Gotham Unbound: The Ecological History of Greater New York

“As we approach the second anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, join Ted Steinberg, Professor of Law and History at Case Western Reserve University, as he addresses the urgent question: Can New York City survive the sea? Steinberg will use his new book, Gotham Unbound, which charts the transformation of the New York region over three centuries, from island estuary to […]