New York’s Majestic Passage in the Sky | The New Yorker

Source: New York’s Majestic Passage in the Sky | The New Yorker Port Authority planners considered tearing down the bridge and replacing it with a tunnel or a new, higher bridge. Eventually, they decided to keep the existing bridge and to raise its roadway by sixty-four feet. This they would do by building a new […]

City Services Map (boat launches, public beaches, water quality)

Access to Geospatial or location-based information and data is provided to the public through NYCityMap. NYCityMap is targeted towards non-mapping professionals and provides a wealth of geographic-based information from the input of a single location. In addition to indicating the specific building requested, users can select additional layers to add to the map such as […]

Gerard Koeppel: Rock the boat & believe in ferries

The Brooklyn Bridge was a disaster. At first, for East River ferrymen. The rivers, once thick with ferries, lighters, barges and other working boats, are largely abandoned, the memory of their use practically forgotten. “Mannahatta,” Walt Whitman exulted, “the place encircled by many swift tides and sparkling waters.” Alas, we hardly know them, as we […]

“The Waterfront is the Optics for Everything in Our Society” | Waterfront Alliance

As city executive for New York City for the international engineering and design firm Arcadis, Peter Glus manages large-scale environmental projects, from implementing flood resiliency designs for subway stations, tunnels, bus depots, and public areas for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, to repairing and flood-proofing the Bay Park sewage treatment plant, and managing the $1.6 billion […]