“We summarize our mission as “LAB: Learning Adventure Boating. We provide canoeing and kayaking programs for ecological and social good.” Below is the full educational, ecological, and social mission as stated in our New York State nonprofit incorporation:

  1. To foster estuary and NYC watershed-themed ecological and natural science education, especially for underprivileged NYC youth and underrepresented community members.
  2. To foster estuary ecological restoration and NYC watershed conservation as a justly shared legacy.
  3. To document, especially through photographs and videos, the state of New York Harbor and the Hudson-Raritan estuary and the NYC watershed.
  4. To promote safe, inclusive, and sustainable estuary and NYC watershed access by maintaining public boat fleets and access sites, and transporting boats to sites for special events;
  5. To foster partnerships that extend the missions of other social service groups onto the water;
  6. To procure and maintain scientific equipment for the above purposes;
  7. To disseminate information and conduct informational efforts; act as a catalyst and facilitator regarding the above purposes.”


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